Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Quest Plot Outline: Upon a Wishing Well

Act One:


Materialistic person, loves to impress the society ladies with her outward appearance, spoiled by her father.

Goes shopping in the town square for the perfect dress for a high class society dinner event and she realizes she doesn't have enough money.

Returns home to get more money from her father and he sits her down and tells her that he has received a pay cut and can no longer permit her overly lavish lifestyle. He tells her she needs to find her own way of getting/making money for such opulent expenses.

Force that moves protagonist into action: no more money- puts a halt to her familiar lifestyle. Rosaline goes into the town square to sulk and overhears whispers about a mythological wishing well that grants a wish to few selected "chosen ones" or people deemed "worthy."

Decides that the wishing well is the perfect way to get the money she desires so her lifestyle doesn't have to change and her society ladies will never have to know about her father's pay cut.


Will Rosaline find what she is looking for? Will she be worthy of the wish? Will she get to keep the life she is so used to?

Act Two:

Rosaline sets out to find the mysterious wishing well.

Goes to a secluded library and searches for information on the wishing well in old scrolls, books, manuscripts, etc.

Speaks to the wise librarian and she tells Rosaline that there is a book that she has kept safe for generations that contains a map on how to reach a mysterious "wishing well," but the book was already checked out just hours earlier. She tells her that she overheard where the other customer was heading, and she can try to catch up with him.

Rosaline catches up to the customer: Josiah

Rosaline and Josiah both want to find the wishing well and decide to team up together.

Josiah: Son of the ruling family, but no one besides the ruling court knows that he exists. He left home because he is ashamed of his family and how they don't use their wealth and power to help those less fortunate, but to throw expensive parties. He left to stay/ volunteer at an orphanage in one of the poorest towns. A few of the children have come down with a fatal sickness and he wants to wish for the cure at the wishing well since he is out of all other options.

The journey: across a river, horse riding through mountains, through a small village of people more poor than an orphanage, passing beggars, etc.

On a stormy night they take shelter at the village and wait for storm to pass. The storm is so strong that it wipes out huts and crops are destroyed, people are buried, etc.

Rosaline and Josiah stay a little bit to help rebuild. The meet and get to know a family that inspires them because of their will to make the best out of even the worst of situations with a light in their eyes that never fades.

A young girl makes Rosaline jewelry out of scraps, clays beads, etc. She treasures them.

They leave the village. They hike one last hill and find the wishing well.

Act Three:

A few people have already tried to reach the well, but they were unable to. The well can only choose one person, and will only grant one wish, so it needs to make sure that it is choosing wisely. That's why it makes the path to reach it purposely difficult.

Rosaline begins that path with Josiah behind her. They need to step carefully or they will fall off the path into a ravine. (If they fell they would survive, but the slow current would carry them back down the hill. If they were to come back and try again, the wishing well would know they failed and would reject them.)

Rosaline takes the last leap: Lands before the wishing well. She clutches it to keep her balance and her bracelet (gift from the little village girl) breaks and the beads fall into the well.

The well accepts her.

She looks back at Josiah and see the disappointment on his face knowing that he won't be able to make a wish since it already chose Rosaline.

She clutches her remaining jewelry (homemade necklace around her neck) to seek courage and comfort.

She makes a wish: Wishes for the cure to the fatal sickness.

Josiah and Rosaline make the journey back to the orphanage to administer the cure.

Rosaline returns home, just in time for the society dinner. She wears an old dress, her hair down (un-styled/free) and her necklace from the little girl. All the high class society ladies look at her like she lost her mind. As the others gossip about inconsequential things, Rosaline ignores them, feeling out of place, counting the seconds until the dinner is over and busies herself with a silk napkin that she purposely ripped so she can braid it into a bracelet, knowing just the girl she wants to give it to.

Questions Answered:

Yes, she finds what she is looking for, but it is different that what she thought she wanted in the first place.

She changed along the way and was worthy of the wish.

She had the choice to keep the life she was used to, but she gave it up for the greater good and found she didn't want that life any longer.

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